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[737] (無題)

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2018年 6月27日(水)21時55分1秒   通報   返信・引用

Long time no chat. It is summer here & it is hot. This is a dog snap of main street where I live. Yeah, it is out of focus but we had some fog this morning. I still the clouds and the big sky though.

[732] Mutton Busting

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年11月 6日(月)01時25分41秒   通報   返信・引用

The sheep riding is called Mutton Busting.

[731] Hmmm....

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年11月 5日(日)10時41分59秒   通報   返信・引用

Hey! Be careful with the word bareback riding. The slang meaning is having sex without a condom.

But Kanji are fun. Another Kanji that tickles me is 魔法瓶 which = thermos.

But back to the naked horse. The article was stating that the introduction of the horse by the Spaniards changed the evolution of the native peoples in North America. And of course, there were many pictures of horses.

Now, in my state farming and horses are very popular. In summer there are various rodeos. However, I never really got into bull riding, roping, or broncos. I think the most popular event is the children riding sheep.

[730] bare back riding

投稿者: vio 投稿日:2017年11月 5日(日)09時52分23秒   通報   返信・引用

Thank you for letting me know cham !
I should know many English words.

[729] Hey 2

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年10月27日(金)01時12分56秒   通報   返信・引用

More dog walking. This is a pic of a sunrise over our cemetery. Can you see the cross in the distance? By the time we got closer to the cross the light was too much for the camera. So this is as close as we could get.

[728] Hey

投稿者: cham 投稿日:2017年10月27日(金)01時08分38秒   通報   返信・引用

I figured out. I guess it means bareback riding.
Hmmm.... here is fall. Some days are cold, some are hot, and some very windy. Now farmers are busy cutting corn. In the summer the corn is so high that a person just can't see beyond out into the horizon. But when the corn falls it is all amazing how much land there is to see.

[727] Hey Cham

投稿者: vio 投稿日:2017年10月 6日(金)18時07分47秒   通報   返信・引用

Thanks for the beautiful pictures & About 裸馬 = naked horse means
no saddled horse.
How do you say such horses in English?
I thought you were kidding me lol

American indians didnt use a saddle when they rode a horse
and they even didnt use a horse shoe it seems.

[726] Hello

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年10月 5日(木)08時00分18秒   通報   返信・引用

Hello? What is new?

Here are some more dog walk pictures. I guess this thread is all about a dog's world. Most of the pictures never turn out. I don't know how to adjust the light levels to capture the image.


& our town is not so fascinating. It is a rather dull place.

[724] Hey!

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 3月30日(木)07時11分19秒   通報   返信・引用


Encountered another interesting phrase.

What does the expression "ride the naked horse" mean.


it is an article about North American Indians and their horses.

Are not all horses born naked???

[722] Hey

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 3月15日(水)02時57分18秒   通報   返信・引用

Long time no post. What is new?

Hey, came across something interesting while reading a magazine. Would you please explain
what is a, "甘い焼き玉子"?

I don't think we have such a thing as a sweet fired egg in the USA. Thanks!

[721] Hmmmm...

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 2月20日(月)01時37分41秒   通報   返信・引用

I kind of like this tree even though it didn't come in focus. Damn Dog.

[720] Hmmm?

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 2月20日(月)00時12分57秒   通報   返信・引用

Muted colors today. <sigh>

What is new?

[718] OMG

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 2月15日(水)00時01分54秒   通報   返信・引用

Dam! I spelled there their wrong. It bothers me.

There is a good girl!!! <wink>

[717] Hey

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 2月14日(火)10時33分38秒   通報   返信・引用

Their is a good girl. Nice to see you back. I feared you were not coming back. <very sad>

I wouldn't worry about that other thing. People don't read those words anyway. It is sort of like walking in the park. There is always bound to be some dog shit and people walk around it without taking notice. Don't let it get you down!

Okay, so now you know what it looks like where I live. Not very exciting is it. <lol> There is most likely more cows in town than people.

[716] (無題)

投稿者: vio 投稿日:2017年 2月 6日(月)14時02分7秒   通報   返信・引用

Hello Cham
I was just not in the mood
I like real chat in the chat room=)
but I like to see landscape pics in here too
I cant see you & your dog there though

[715] Hello

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 2月 5日(日)23時38分11秒   通報   返信・引用

Hello? Did I do something wrong? Sorry....

More walk the dog pictures. I guess it is a sunrise.

[714] Hello?

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年 1月19日(木)06時12分59秒   通報   返信・引用

More dog walking on clear morning

[712] HeyVII

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2016年12月24日(土)23時30分37秒   通報   返信・引用

More dog walk pic. Not in focus really. It is cheap MP3 camera & the dog is pulling the leash. <sigh>

[711] Hey VI.2

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2016年12月24日(土)12時54分55秒   通報   返信・引用

More play

[710] Hey VI

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2016年12月24日(土)12時53分54秒   通報   返信・引用

More play


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