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[756] hey

投稿者: cham 投稿日:2020年 4月 5日(日)22時25分52秒   通報   返信・引用


[755] hey

投稿者: cham 投稿日:2020年 3月31日(火)02時27分37秒   通報   返信・引用


[754] Hey

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2020年 3月29日(日)23時19分44秒   通報   返信・引用


[753] Hey

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2020年 1月18日(土)12時43分56秒   通報   返信・引用


[752] Hey Vio?

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2019年 9月15日(日)05時39分11秒   通報   返信・引用

Where are you Vio? Come back to chat. I miss you.

[750] Didn't turn out

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2019年 2月16日(土)07時39分20秒   通報   返信・引用


[749] What is New?

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2019年 2月16日(土)05時05分12秒   通報   返信・引用

<sigh> I don't know what day it is except it is again cold and snowing outside while yesterday was intolerably cruel. Looking out through the windowpane yesterday was as beautiful as a painting by Monet. Pillowy white clouds floated upon a baby blue sky. However, once outdoors, the wind was unrelenting, fierce, and bitterly cold. Stepping off the porch you either cursed the ice under foot, the wind, or the cold. Most likely you cursed all three with the same breath.

Anyway, winter is blowing along and it has been too cold to take many walks. The dog found a few snaps to take, but none of them came out. We scrapped the bottom of the barrel and came up with these. It is just our way of saying happy winter.

Yes, the snaps are bad. What are you looking at? Well, I think it is just a farmer's junkyard. I could ask, but I don't like bother people.

How is your winter going?

[747] Re: Happy Halloween.

投稿者: vio 投稿日:2018年11月 3日(土)19時41分37秒   通報   返信・引用 > No.744[元記事へ]

> OMG... There is a lion in the house.

costume dog! so cute^^

[745] The corn is gone.

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2018年11月 1日(木)08時03分36秒   通報   返信・引用

<sigh> All the corn in harvested. I guess it is time for winter. But I like winter. How about you?

[744] Happy Halloween.

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2018年11月 1日(木)08時00分56秒   通報   返信・引用

OMG... There is a lion in the house.

[741] Rant about people

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2018年10月12日(金)08時09分41秒   通報   返信・引用

<sigh> THis is not the best snap because I don't have the right lens. However, if you enlarge the pic you can see a deer crossing the river. He is just a little speck in the photo. The dog and I watched the deer cross the river while we sat at the edge of the bank. I thought it was wonderful. What a lovely scene to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature. Well it was so I thought. It was on the way home that the automatic gun fire broke the silence of morning. Somebody killed that little deer. I do not have a problem with hunting if you have to feed your family, but the people where I live are so fat and well fed that the idea of feeding your family by killing a deer is nonsense. They kill just for fun. I've sat around tables and listened to their glorious hunting tales. In many of which they talk as if they are heroic as Beowulf slaying Grendel and his mother. But I tell you, I have shot many a gun. And there is nothing sporting about shooting a little deer crossing the river with an automatic rifle. It is just sad. And today I don't like people very much. But I can here your question, Why were I and my dog sitting at the river when there was shooting? I will tell you. It is not hunting season. You are not supposed to be able to kill deer without a license or not in season. But nobody cares if people are breaking the law. It is just another dead deer.  

[740] Hey

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2018年 9月16日(日)09時04分13秒   通報   返信・引用

Hmmmm... I know this snap didn't come out, but the dog liked it. If you could only have seen in person the morning sunlight illuminating this wild flowers. Yes, they are wild. They grow in the ditch along the fence line. Planted by the birds I guess, lol, and allowed to grow in the shelter of the barbed wire fence. All the other grass, including the grass in the ditch, upon which the dog and I walk down the the river, is cut and bailed into hay. The field in the background during the winter is open for cattle to graze. When it is cold and windy the cattle make their way to trees in the background to find shelter from the cold winter wind. More about the hay, yes out town is extremely small, but all the vacant lots and land are cut 4 times a year for hay. Even upon the baseball field the grass is allowed to grow and bailed into hay. I feel bad for the children of the town, and wish they had a place to play ball in the summer. <sigh> At the very least they a launch fireworks from the old ball field every year to celebrate our independence day, the 4th of July.  

[739] Hey Cham

投稿者: vio 投稿日:2018年 8月23日(木)10時19分7秒   通報   返信・引用

He became friendly now. So why dont you talk to him?
He is asking you something so pls reply him.

[738] sigh

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2018年 8月19日(日)21時37分45秒   通報   返信・引用

I dislike your new chat friend very much.

Sorry to have been a bother.

[737] (無題)

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2018年 6月27日(水)21時55分1秒   通報   返信・引用

Long time no chat. It is summer here & it is hot. This is a dog snap of main street where I live. Yeah, it is out of focus but we had some fog this morning. I still the clouds and the big sky though.

[732] Mutton Busting

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年11月 6日(月)01時25分41秒   通報   返信・引用

The sheep riding is called Mutton Busting.

[731] Hmmm....

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年11月 5日(日)10時41分59秒   通報   返信・引用

Hey! Be careful with the word bareback riding. The slang meaning is having sex without a condom.

But Kanji are fun. Another Kanji that tickles me is 魔法瓶 which = thermos.

But back to the naked horse. The article was stating that the introduction of the horse by the Spaniards changed the evolution of the native peoples in North America. And of course, there were many pictures of horses.

Now, in my state farming and horses are very popular. In summer there are various rodeos. However, I never really got into bull riding, roping, or broncos. I think the most popular event is the children riding sheep.

[730] bare back riding

投稿者: vio 投稿日:2017年11月 5日(日)09時52分23秒   通報   返信・引用

Thank you for letting me know cham !
I should know many English words.

[729] Hey 2

投稿者: Cham 投稿日:2017年10月27日(金)01時12分56秒   通報   返信・引用

More dog walking. This is a pic of a sunrise over our cemetery. Can you see the cross in the distance? By the time we got closer to the cross the light was too much for the camera. So this is as close as we could get.

[728] Hey

投稿者: cham 投稿日:2017年10月27日(金)01時08分38秒   通報   返信・引用

I figured out. I guess it means bareback riding.
Hmmm.... here is fall. Some days are cold, some are hot, and some very windy. Now farmers are busy cutting corn. In the summer the corn is so high that a person just can't see beyond out into the horizon. But when the corn falls it is all amazing how much land there is to see.


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